Gill Avery MBA BA hons 



Career highlights include:

  • MBA from London Business School

  • 13 years with BT

  • First woman to be appointed to BT training board

  • First student then teacher of Sound Colour and Movement

  • Using movement to transform individuals old patterns that no longer serve them

  • Co-Founder of Consulting Peope Ltd, a consultancy firm that specialises in Double Loop Leadership and Change

  • Working with teams

  • Coach and Mentor to hundreds of men and women in all industries and at in all the stages of their careers

  • Developing the skills of working and mothering, effectively

"I believe we each have a unique and necessary contribution to make, and unlocking this for ourselves help us resolve some of the massively complex issues we are all facing on earth - inequalities, climate
change. To unlock our contribution we need three things: to know who we are and how we truly operate (strengths is a gateway), to connect with our purpose, and genuine support.  My role is to design change processes to achieve all this for individuals and teams."