• Moira Siddons

Feeling lock-down fatigue?

Here are some possible reasons why:

Mothers are interrupted over 50% more often during lockdown

(IFS How are Mothers and Fathers balancing work and family during lockdown?; released 27 May 2020

As we work with many of you during lock-down, it has become clear that you are much busier than before; managing day jobs, taking on additional loads as lock-down bites into resources and budgets, as well as child, house and wider family cares.

Some of you are getting tired and the interesting data just released from the IFS (see above) may help you understand why.

Some are starting in new roles, in new organisations and having to find ways to do this without role models to follow; you are pioneers in starting a new job in lock-down. That can lead to a belief that you have to do more in order to establish your credibility.

You will all have your own experiences of how on-going lock-down is affecting you.

To support you further we have designed many of our services to be available via webinars. Those currently in high demand are:

  • Refocusing your strengths onto what matters in these uncertain times (a free to clients, 3-week workbook)

  • Boosting your Resilience (in a healthy CW way)

  • Deepening your (on-line) Presence

  • A Leadership Group intensive - 6 women coming together monthly from May to September 2020

Check our refreshed website for more information on all our webinar-based leadership development

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