Who We Are

We founded Consulting Women in 2004 with our mission to help women become the best they can be. This defines the way we work. We believe that an individual's way forward becomes much easier if you know and work through individual and unique strengths. Getting to know what you do really well is at the heart of our leadership development programmes and coaching. 

Over the past 30 years our learning paths have brought us to research, develop and share with others, ground breaking development methodologies that support businesses in growing successfully, and people in bringing their unique strengths to the world. 

Foremost in these approaches have been the systems-centred approaches of Consulting People Limited’s (CPL) Double Loop Learning, and Organisational Constellations. 

In many roles, we have led, developed, coached, managed, advised and consulted to people at Board and other levels, and have helped them achieve the results they want for themselves and their businesses – often in strategically critical and politically sensitive situations. 

We now offer you the chance to join us on a journey to discover and refine your unique gifts and find practical, grounded ways of bringing these effectively to your business. You will also develop your ability to do the same for others in your business and wider life.

Moira Siddons FCA

  In addition to her work here with Consulting Women, Moira's career has spanned 30 years with PwC, including 13 years as a partner, and then 8 years as a Non Executive director both of a mutual life company where she was also the Chairman of the Audit Committee and of a regulated panel within the electricity sector.  During her career as a partner she managed and led teams in many different parts of the business, ultimately specialising in the issues of corporate governance, boardroom pay and board effectiveness. She has lectured extensively on these subjects, in Europe and Asia, and written articles that have been published over the years in most of the mainstream HR press. 

Gill Avery MBA BA Hons AKC


In addition to her co-founder partner role at Consulting Women, Gill is a co-founder of Consulting People Ltd. (CPL) a niche consultancy which supports organisations in achieving sustainable culture change through implementing strategic projects. CPL’s clients have included PricewaterhouseCoopers, BT, Comet, FTSE, C&W, and Unipart. Together with her husband, she has evolved CPL’s core methodology, the Business Transformation Cycle which facilitates deep change in individuals, teams (Team Dynamics), organisation culture (Double Loop Learning) and business process. She coaches and consults to people leading organisational change and seeking new paths in their lives. Gill has also lectured on transformational change.