Webinars - the way forward for the now


Amongst all the leadership skills that organisations need from their women right now, we believe there are four that are currently the most key. For this reason we are running a series of webinars on these topics.

A key aspect of our design principles is that each webinar includes a maximum of 6 participants. This allows time for each participant to explore these key topics in depth. Spreading the webinars across two sessions allows for practice in between sessions.

In addition, those participants who have not explored their individual strengths will be invited to take a strengths assessment and to have a one on one call with either Gill or Moira to explore how those strengths work, before the first webinar that they take part in. 

As with all of our work, you getting to know your unique strengths sits at the heart of our work; it is through your strengths that you can bring your leadership to the fore.

leadership skills cycle.png