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Words of wisdom from one generation to another

On a mission to support the young people of today who are facing overwhelming figures of youth unemployment in a rapidly changing world, Rachel Markies asked business leaders on Consulting Women’s Next Level programme, what advice would you give a young person today?

This Autumn, I worked as a Team leader on UFA NCS Programme ‘Moving Forward’, a development programme which enables young people to gain new skills, step out of their comfort zones and become agents of change within their communities. I was responsible for leading, inspiring and motivating a group of 15 young people aged 15-17 through their NCS journey!

I bound colourful booklets for each young person, dotted the words of wisdom inside, and encouraged the young people to write messages in each other’s booklets that commented on the unique qualities they have seen in each other. Bridging the gap between generations, the words of wisdom became interwoven with the young people’s messages of appreciation.

I invite you to share these words of wisdom with the young people in your lives. Add to them, write your own, cut them out and dot them around to remind young people that they are not alone and there is a wide network of people willing to support them.

"There is only one of you on the whole earth now and at any time, past- and future. You are unique! Cherish and value yourself."

Leadership Development Coach

“When the path that you expect to go along is diverted, it means you may have to follow a diversion, but you will get to where you want to be if you are flexible and willing to go in a different direction to achieve your goals.”

Executive Principal, WMG Academy Trust

“Build strong relationships in work and life and maintain contact with them. Your network will help you out in tougher times. Whatever life throws at you look at it as an opportunity to learn something about yourself. Never see failure as bad, you have to fail to be successful; it builds your resilience and creativity. You learn more from failing at something than if you only succeed. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and learn how to listen, you can provide more support to friends and colleagues than you realise, just by listening.“

Multi-million-pound fundraiser

“Hard work really does pay off. Don't give up, be patient, kind and give everything you do 100%. You never know who is watching and whom you might meet. Be brave and try new things. This is when you are learning and growing. Last but not least, when you get, you give. When you learn, you teach”.

Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

the courage to change the things I can,

and the wisdom to know the difference.

Portfolio Manager

“Notice what YOU LOVE rather than what others tell you that you OUGHT to love.

Be different - at this stage of life we tend to be labelled.

Ask yourself "who am I really?" - only YOU will know. You can keep it a secret if you like – but keep asking the question “who am I now”?”

Leadership Development Coach

"Little opportunities that you thought not much of at the time can suddenly lead to something exciting. So jump in with both feet. I used to write up the accounts for a business when I was fifteen. It was just copying numbers from one piece of paper to another, not exciting, but that led to work experience, which led to a job and now all these years later I've made a career as a Chartered Accountant. Do everything to the best of your ability and see where it leads you."

Financial Controller

“If your 1st choice doesn’t work out, don't worry, there is plenty of chance to change direction. If you can do something in the next 5 minutes, do it now.” Studio Manager

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