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Our Next Events

Right now, in these uncertain and challenging times, your unique leadership approach is needed.

In order to support and encourage women to take their leadership skills to their next level, we are offering a series of one day workshops. Each workshop has strengths at its heart and is designed to enable you to practice bringing your strengths to the key elements of successful leadership that we believe, and observe, are needed, NOW

See our events page for more details

 OUR NEXT LEVEL PROGRAMME COMMENCES MARCH 2020: see events for more detail

Welcome to your Next Level

Helping you grow your unique skills and talents in small group Next Level Programmes, one day Leadership Skills workshops, one to one Coaching and Mentoring and two to one Senior Leadership Intensives.

We bring extensive experience in professional development, business and personal wisdom, and a committment to support others in becoming their strongest self, taking their rightful place and bringing their unique contribution. 

A programme to help you find out who you really are and to help you get to where you want to be. A programme for developing strengths and not areas of weaknesses - who wants to develop those? This is a powerful course delivered in safe hands

Had it not been for the work we did on Next Level and understanding my strengths, I would have never had the confidence to have considered a job like this. But I realise now it is absolutely PERFECT for me!!




I think what you do is create a different plane of consciousness for people – all the noise drops away and you suddenly find you have time to think, opportunity to look at yourself objectively and look at working with what you’ve got. 


City of London venue creates a unique environment for individuals and small groups